Friday, April 17, 2009

YouTube Fridays- This is a public service announcement

You may be a Canadian today and not even know it. The Canadian government amended a Canadian citizenship law that allows for former Canadiens who were forced to renounce their citizenship between 1944 and 1977 to reclaim their Canadian citizenship, this applies to their children as well. And as this YouTube shows it is as simple as waking up and suddenly Mounties meet you at the door to your place, there are stuffed animal moose in your room and all kinds of other symbols of Canada just appear.

Finding this out made me think of this song from the '80s. I mean, if you can turn Canadian overnight why not other nationalities as well?

The Vapors- Turning Japanese

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Tengrain said...

I loved the Vapors. That song was part of my youth (and you can read into that anything you want).


Tengrain, Californian