Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When ya need a burger, ya need a burger

Apparently, being a non-meat eater I do not know this but, when ya need a burger, ya need a burger. And apparently our President and Vice President had a hankering for some dead cow. They took the motorcade on a short ride into Virginia to get some burgers at an independent burger joint. I just love that they took the whole motorcade to a burger joint, then paid out of their own pockets and waited for their burgers to be done. I am sure the burger joint knew they were coming and I am sure they could have just run in and gotten a burger real quick and not had to interact with the public that much, but that is not how this administration seems to operate. I am also assuming that the White House kitchen can make a burger, but instead Joe and Barack went out for a burger. It is just nice to see a President and VP who want to spend time with the public and who seem to actually try to be more down to earth, "real" people. It is a nice change from the past administration.


Lisa said...

Agreed. And now I'm hungry for a burger.

Comrade Kevin said...

And Michelle Obama has made a point to be more present in the community as well.

DC, the city, has a tendency to resent the Presidents and their families who just happen to live there while ignoring city functions, and the ones who make an attempt to act as though they really are residents.