Friday, March 14, 2008

YouTube Friday

Yeah, I know this YouTube Friday is really early and shit, but I really wanted to do this one and I am not sure how much I will actually be on my computer this weekend.

This YouTube Friday is because of Sir Robin. In his movie quote meme, he had quotes from two movies that I love, love, love, but I never remember and it seemed no one knew so I am here to give you a glimpse at two really great movies or just remind you about how great they both are if you already know either or both of them.

First, Scotland, PA. This movie is Macbeth set in 1970s small town in America. Maura Tierny is incredible in this film as is Christopher Walken and the small part played by Andy Dick is so great.

And then there is Rosencrantz and and Guildenstern are Dead which is based upon Hamlet. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are minor parts in Hamlet appearing in I believe one or two scenes. Tom Stoppard then created a play around these two characters in which several scenes are recreated in Hamlet from their perspective with many more scenes just these two characters talking among other things. The two main characters are played by Tim Roth and Gary Oldman, both of which are really good.

This scene is actually the one in which the quote that Sir Robin chose appears and Richard Dreyfuss also makes an appearance.

This is possibly my favorite scene in the whole movie.

If you like Shakespearean plays and who doesn't, then I highly recommend both of these films.


Brave Sir Robin Hussein said...

Wow!!! i never thought to look for the clips!!!!

Two way, way, way cool film!!!


Bee said...

How have I missed these movies?!

Straight to the top of my "must view" list.

Shakespeare is such a seemingly inexhaustible rich source. I was just thinking about "A Thousand Acres" this morning -- Jane Smiley's take on "King Lear" and one of my favorite novels ever.

Thanks for bringing these to my attention.

Comrade Kevin said...

I read that in high school and love it immensely. Rosencrantz and and Guildenstern are Dead I mean.