Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Into the scrum I go

I am finally getting into the fray about Palin. Up to this point, I really didn't feel like I needed or wanted to do this as so may other lefty bloggers were doing it better than I could have, but I decided to put up a post about this article. McCain is defending Palin and saying that this vetting controversy is "faux media scandal designed to destroy the first female Republican nominee for vice president" and that the media is just an ol' boys club that is trying to destroy Palin. I am not so sure I can totally disagree about the mainstream media being male centered and male run, but so is the GOP. Just because you now have a female VP nominee, does not mean you no longer an old boys club. We still live in a patriarchal society where men are valued over women and a female VP does not seem to be as impressive to me as the fact that Democrats had a viable presidential candidate. I did not see any females even mentioned for the Republicans when it came time for possible presidential nominees. McCain is also saying that Palin is subject to gender bias in the media, yeah no shit Sherlock. I didn't hear him speaking out when Clinton was viciously attacked by the media and by other candidates. Where was McCain standing up for women earlier in the presidential campaign? Am I supposed to believe that if Clinton had become the presidential nominee or even the VP nominee McCain would not have been launching all kinds of sexist ads and comments toward her? Of course not, he would have been firing as many dirty shots as he could.

The other issue, of course, that keeps coming up is the lack of experience for Palin. Former Governor of Massachusetts Jane Swift is now being quoted as saying that Palin is more prepared to be the president of the U.S. than Obama. And on what planet is this women living? How does six years as the mayor of Wasilla and four years as governor of Alaska give her that much experience? Although Alaska is a large state geographically, it is one of the least populous states and really how do you compare a short span as a governor to the same amount of time working in Washington as a Senator? Where is Palin's foreign policy experience? What is her policy on healthcare, energy, the Iraq War, or Social Security? McCain is not a young man, knowing her views on these issues will most likely become very important.

UPDATE: Sorry I gave Gov. Palin more years as a Governor than I should have. She has had only two years, not four.


GourmetGoddess said...

I think Palin has less than 2 years as Gov of Alaska, but I could be wrong.

And who is jane Swift? The very stupid jane Swift who, when I was in MA, used her legislative aides to provide free daycare to her kids and demanding rides from state troppers, both in car and via helicopter, to her home in Wellesley, because it was too far to drive into Boston every day. Yeah, a whole 20 miles... Don't get me started on Jane Swift!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the party (?)GG is right. It's not two full years yet.

Palin is the kind of woman that rightwingers love - she's willing to suppress other women through policy to gain admission to the Old Boy's network.

She's cut from the same cloth as Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, etc...

Anonymous said...

I agree with GG and Dcup. She has just about two years experience as governor. How about her pregnant teen daughter? So what if she is planning on getting married!! What an image for teenage girls everywhere.

Anonymous said...

By the way, the above comment came from me, GG's mom. SORRY!!!

Boxer rebel said...

GG and DCup- I fixed the amount of time Palin has been governor, sorry I must have mistaken how long she was governor.

GG's mom- I left the whole pregnant teen angle alone, so many others have done a much better job than I ever could.

Anonymous said...

Ok, time to add to the commentaries ... Boxer has it exactly right, who in their right mind thinks that Hillary pro women (& men) would be interested in a VERY conservative, anti-abortion, republican woman?? Only a stupid white conservative republican!!

What are her views on international affairs, does she know all of the world countries? Does she know anything about the lower 48?? We (USA) must keep Obama-Biden in the positive limelight and vote them into office or we are in deep shit. So deep who knows if we will be able to find our way out!!!!!

Boxer's mom