Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What about the vegetarians?

I had a school district wide training today. It was not the greatest training. The keynote speaker was good, but the break-out session was too crowded and really didn't add anything. But my real issue was with lunch. They provided lunch for us, a boxed lunch. Ok, but it was all meat, ham, roast beef or turkey. What about the vegetarians? I am not a strict vegetarian, so all I did was take the meat and the cheese off (cause it was processed American Cheese yuck) and ate the bread and the one tomato and some lettuce sandwich, but still... This is for the whole school district, close to a thousand teachers and you do not think that anyone might not eat meat or you think that since you do not eat meat you should have to buy your own lunch rather unlike anyone who will eat meat and so they provide lunch for only the meat eaters. Hell, even if you are not a vegetarian you might not want processes lunch meat. One of the other teachers is pregnant and women who are pregnant should not eat processed meats, she remembered to bring a PB and J sandwich with her, but still is this fair. What if she forgot her own sandwich or thought there would be a non-meat option? Damn carnivores only thinking of themselves.

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