Sunday, November 9, 2008

When great minds collaborate or dinner with GG and BR

I had wanted to make Oyster stuffing for a while and tonight we (GG and I) decided to make it. Well, actually I made it, but it was part of our dinner tonight. It is a leek, mushroom and oyster stuffing. I used a mix of shiitake and portobello mushrooms. We had also found some frozen oysters at a new great Asian market that is sort of near us and I added some canned oysters to that. I also used sourdough bread from the grocery store that I chunked. It was very good, but maybe too moist. GG and I discussed some ideas on how to fix the moisture level, letting it set for a bit so that the bread soaked up more of the liquid and the flavors could meld more.

In addition to the stuffing we (GG made this) made roasted root vegetables. We used turnips, rutabagas, red onions, and garlic.

We did have an additional protein source, GG roasted a small chicken. This was also good, but I chose not to take a picture of it for three reasons. One, since I am primarily a vegetarian or working on it, I wanted to focus on the vegetable and non-meat options. Two, a big hunk of chicken with no legs or wings is mildly disturbing or maybe that is just me. And three, the other two components were the main pieces and what GG and I shopped for and took time to prepare, the chicken was just a side note.


Distributorcap said...

food glorious food

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful. Everyone up north is waiting for the stuffing. None of us have ever had it and are up to the challenge. See ya in a couple of weeks.
H's Mom