Thursday, February 12, 2009

New toy

I got a new toy today. Well, I got it yesterday, but it had a scratch on it so I got a new one today. Yay!!

I have wanted a Kitchen Aid for a while and I finally found one at a good price so I snapped it up. I have one that was my Papa's and it is great, but it does not have the dough hook or the blender paddle and I was worried about trying to do bread or cookies or anything that was too viscose since all I have in the whisk. So maybe, now I can get back to making bread agin like I used to and really want to be doing.


Tengrain said...

Yay! I love mine, too!

I'm sure you already know this, but just in case there are any Kitchen Aide Newbies reading... on modern editions, the worm screw is metal in the low gears, and plastic in the high gears.

You generally will never (and should never) mix bread dough or cookie dough at too high of a speed, so it is unlikely you will ever strip the gears. However, anything above the "6" is going into dangerous territory.

I have replaced mine twice (under warranty) for this mistake, and the good people at Kitchen Aide have told me that they will not replace it a third time. The guys at the authorized repair place were the ones that explained it to me, and showed me the striped gear, to prove the point.



Anonymous said...


Boxer's Mom

Whiskeymarie said...

What Tengrain said, but my advice is to not use it for bread at all. The home models aren't powerful enough, and you will probably be very sad a year or so from now when the motor burns out. I make bread all of the time, I just do it by hand. Or, I start it in the mixer until it is still fairly "loose", then knead in the additional flour by hand.

Otherwise, no issues with cookie dough, etc...
I love mine (a professional one I bought years ago) and it's held up through three years at a restaurant and five years at my house.

But your stainless model is much prettier and sexier than my old white hag.
Congrats on the purchase!