Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blogging doesn't pay

I am shamelessly stealing this cartoon from BAC. I saw this cartoon and I instantly liked it. First, as a blogger and one who reads many blogs and knows the hard work that goes into blogging and many people's blogs, mine not so much yet as I am getting restarted, but still... There is so much hard work that bloggers do and yet the rewards are not monetary. I also suspect that there are many people who get into blogging because they think that they can sit in their basement and write their thoughts and the fans, accolades and money will just roll in. It doesn't work that way. Most of us do it because we like to write, we have something to say or just it allows us to get things off of our collective chests without having to nag our significant other with every little thought, or maybe that is just me. Anyway, it just struck me right especially as I am attempting to re-start this blog and really get myself back to blogging regularly. I know there is no money in this for me, hell I don't have that many people that even read this and I lost those that I did when I stopped blogging regularly so I am doing it out of love or the need to hear my own voice.

This cartoon also "triggered" my thoughts on the big progressive feminist blog that seems to be in shambles and is moving slowly to a cult-like existence with a leader at the top, an inner circle of disciples and then the underlings who are supposed to worship at the feet of the master. The whole debacle has been done to death by bloggers who are more intelligent and better writers than I, but in case you have missed it or are interested in what the hell I am talking about or just want to see some great blogs here they are.

First, Konagod with a more serious post and thoughts on the blog who shall not be named (BWSNBN). Then a hilarious satirical look at that same blog. We also have The Apostate who again does a great job of chronicling the decline and after affects of the latest hissy fit. And finally, Litbrit who it was awesome to find again after she had left the BWSNBN, to put the final touch, well at least for this roundup, on the thoughts of some of us about the demise of a once awesome place, hell the BWSNBN is where I met GG and that has turned out wonderfully.


Comrade Kevin said...

Blogging is becoming a skill set, but the jobs available now require you to be a jack of all trades: web design, HTML, social networking sites, CMS, photoshop, et al.

Boxer rebel said...

CK- You are so correct that blogging is definitely becoming a skill set and you do need to be able to do it all, but still it is not a paid job for most of us.