Thursday, June 11, 2009

The state of this blog

It has been almost a month since I have posted anything to this blog and that was a note saying I would probably not be blogging much if any in May. My blogging has really dropped off and I have on several occasions said I was done blogging. Hell, last night I told GG I was going to shut down the blog. I was doing most of my blogging on Facebook or at least I was writing and posting the videos I would have posted here to Facebook. So that was set, I was shutting down the blog. Then this morning I realized there are things that I can't or won't say on Facebook because there are many of my co-workers on Facebook too. I need to be able to keep that world and this world separate. I had thought that when my summer vacation began on Monday I would get right back into blogging. I would take the time to do it. I sort of had some ideas in my head and yet, Monday came and went and then Tuesday came and went and the Wednesday I decided I wasn't going to post so I was going to shut it down and now here it is Thursday and I have finally decided to blog. I have some posts I want to put up and some thoughts to share. Will this be another short lived return? I hope not, but maybe.

There have been major changes in my life this past year. I have given up most of my material possessions and moved half way across the country to live with someone I had met once prior to her coming to NC to help me pack and move. Do I regret this decision, hell no. But it has changed me in many ways including, but not limited to the fact that now many of the ideas I would have blogged at one point I can discuss with the person who is sitting beside me on the couch as I type this. This is incredibly awesome and does seem to lessen the need for me to blog, but it doesn't lessen the desire that I have for blogging. These changes also include us getting a cat in February and my dog, Logan, the boxer for whom this site was initially inspired, passing away in March. We then got a new boxer-mix, Bodhi, at the end of April. I have also been working for a new school district here in IL and the accompanying drama and stress that comes with working in preschool and in the public school system. I think, finally, this summer I may be able to get back to blogging, really blogging. I look back at my archives and I realize that at one point I was an OK writer and that I was kind of surprised and proud of myself. But since writing does not come naturally to me, I need to be doing it and working on it to refine my thoughts and more importantly my presentation of these thoughts. In other words, i need to be writing more often, daily preferably, to be a better blogger and writer. I realized that I do not comment as much as I used to. It is too easy with Google Reader to read a blog and then not have to comment or it seems like a pain to click the blog post and then have to comment. But I need to be commenting more, there are so many things being said by those of you who blog and I feel like I fail you as an author and me as a blogger by not being involved in the process, by not commenting. So I am rededicating myself to this blog and to blogging in general.

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FranIAm said...

You will always be someone special to me whether you blog or not. I have not been as attentive myself, but that reader keeps me up to date in general.

Do what you can, when you can - you are beloved by many. And we are all so happy for the many changes in your life, all good ones. OK, I am so sorry for the passing of Logan but Bodhi has a new home.