Thursday, June 21, 2007

Fast Food Nation

I saw Fast Food Nation recently and wow. I already don't eat beef, but if I did I would probably stop after that movie. After the movie I was checking out the special features and there are these neat little short films called the Meatrix where they do more in discussing the myths behind the production of beef, milk and eggs in the American farm system. It shows how the animals are crowded together in small areas and are basically drugged up to keep them submissive and also so that they will produce the amount of meat or milk that is needed. There really are very few family run farms anymore, now they are corporate farms. It really is a sad state of affairs. It makes me think about what happens to these farmers who have had family farms for generations and now they are bought out and turned into these cookie cutter, mass producing farm machines. This video by John Mellencamp shows in 1985 the demise of the family farms and what it is doing to the heartland.

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TheCunningRunt said...

BR, thanks for reminding me, I've been meaning to rent that again to watch with my Younger Progeny.

I'm on The Hundred Yard Diet (I posted about that a while back.) Tonight will be some local organic chicken on the grill with sautéed milkweed blossoms. I'm also lucky to be one town away from grass-fed organic beef and two towns away from an excellent winery and pretty good micro-brewery (think globally, drink locally, ya know?)

Anyway, keep spreading the word about our food, 'cause our neighbors the farmers need us to!