Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moving Pt. 1- It was hot!!

Overall the moving process was hot and exhausting. We started when GG came down and I picked her up at the airport on Saturday night. This was a rather relaxed night. The next morning we woke up and spent the entire day cleaning and finishing packing. I had gotten quite a bit of the packing done, but there was more to be down and I had to re-pack some of the boxes to make them more manageable. So I packed and cleaned and GG cleaned a lot too. She was an incredible help with getting things done. It is so great when you have help to get things down and can split up the chores among two of us. This was very hot work, I had the AC on, but still it was warm in my apartment. We were hot and sweaty for most of the day. We then went out for dinner and crashed that night. Monday was a day where we spent much of the morning running around doing errands. We had to take the internet cable server back to Time Warner Cable, get the oil changed among other things that just needed to get done. We then picked up the Penske Truck to load it up to then take it to the Relo-Cube from ABF. This was incredibly hard work. I have about 15 steps that we had to take stuff up and down and it was about 100 degrees outside. We tried to take our time and not pass out bringing things up to the truck. But by the end of getting everything packed in the truck we were tired, but it was only an about two hour packing process. Tuesday morning we woke up and took the truck over to ABF and packed up the relo-cube. The cube was awesome. We even decided to add somethings into the cube we were not planning on moving cause we had the room like a small bookshelf. We still didn't fill up the cube, the cube is a great thing when you are moving and don't want to have to drive a large truck and if when you move you don't have a whole house full of stuff. Then the travel to Illinois started, this was a whole new adventure which deserves its own post and will be forthcoming.


FranIAm said...

Moving almost always sucks -but then you are in a new place and that is great.

And you will both be in a great place- the place of together.

That is a beautiful thing!

Keep cool and keep us posted.

Maz tov you crazy kids - mwah mwah!

Anonymous said...

Sounds exhausting. And hot.

We used ABF when we moved to Georgia!

Wishing you the best of all good things in the birthplace of Jack Benny!

Tengrain said...

You crazy kids!

Best of luck to you as you (literally) start out on your lives together.



Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Good luck with all that hot sweaty work!

Anonymous said...

I moved once in the heat, and ever since I have always chosen to undertake that task in February. Good luck getting settled in.