Monday, June 16, 2008

YOU can get arrested for blogging

This article discusses the fact that there are many places around the globe where you can get arrested for blogging. You can get arrested in China, Egypt and Iran for expressing your thoughts especially those that oppose the government on a blog. According to a report by the University of Washington, 64 people have been arrested because of blogging since 2003. The Committee to Protect Bloggers reports that 344 people have been arrested in Burma alone for blogging, but it is difficult to verify whether the arrests were for blogging. But it does seem clear that in some places it can be illegal to blog or at least to express a contrary opinion from the government on a blog. But don't worry, it isn't just in Asia and the Middle East that you can get arrested for blogging, it has happened to British, French, Canadian and American bloggers over the past four years.

There is a common joke that I have seen many places on the blogosphere among those of us who are progressive bloggers that we will end up in Guantanamo for blogging. Well, it looks like this is not so much a joke as something that is beginning to happen. As is pointed out in the article , as more people begin to blog, arrests are expected to rise. And as we get closer to the elections and Bush Co. realize that McCain is not going to win the election, we may see more arrests for blogging, but of course it wouldn't be said that it is for blogging. The arrests will be for violating the Patriot Act, of course. But as long as we have a supposed freedom of speech, lets keep expressing ourselves and see ya at Guantanamo.


Comrade Kevin said...

Soon enough the internet will be closely regulated--or at least will have far more established rules and lists of do's and don'ts.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Don't put it past this group of thieves to declare Marshal law or something and postpone the election.