Sunday, June 15, 2008

Moving Pt. 2- The moving gods were not to be denied

So we woke up Tuesday morning, load up the cube at the U-pack place, take stuff to Goodwill, take the truck back to Penske, run home take a quick shower and we are off. The plan was to stop in Asheville, NC and camp that night, but as we drove we ran into two issues. One, it kept raining off and on and we weren't sure about setting up a tent in the rain as neither of us had used this specific tent before and two, we were having issues finding campsites right off the main highway. We drove for about an hour longer than we had intended and it was getting late and both of us were getting hungry, tired and crabby. We tried one campground, but it seemed to be for the river rafting companies in the area and was a bit sketchy. So at this point, we decided to just find a hotel and crash for the night. We found one that would allow us to have Logan in the room with us and it didn't even cost us anything extra, they just said that if he disturbed any of the neighbors we would have to pay for their rooms too. Well, of course there were no issues with this, he doesn't really bark anyway. We decided to go out and grab some dinner as we were both starving. As we were eating, the sky opened up with really heavy rain and thunder and lightning. GG and I commented to each other that the camping gods must have been good to us or something as we didn't have to deal with camping in the rain and we would have probably have had to find a hotel anyway as there was no way we would have been able to stay in the tent with the torrential downpour anyway. This was a goodnights sleep, as I had sold my bed a week or so earlier and so had been sleeping on an air mattress so a real bed was really great. We woke up, had a continental breakfast that had come with the room and laid around for a bit before we took off for Berea, KY, our next stop. We were going to Berea because GG had some friends that lived there and she wanted to visit with them and see the house they were building for themselves. We got to Berea no problems, GG's friend has suggested a camping place for us to stay at so we went to there to set up. The tent camping was in just a big field at the back of the RV camping property, which was fine, but we also were trying to find some shade for ourselves and for Logan. We did find a slightly shady spot for us and I got Logan out and onto his tie-out so that he could be out while we got the tent set up, well, Logan decided that the tent was a good place to pee, so as GG was laying out the tent he peed on it. We got this washed off with some water and paper towels and then got to setting up the tent. It was super easy to do and GG and I worked in a nice fashion of me pounding the stakes in and she figuring out where things needed to go. Until... right as we were finishing up the outer tent which was supposed to act as a rain cover, something came flying onto the tent and the ground around us. A hawk had eviscerated a bird or thrown up or something, but there was bird parts all over the ground and the tent, which was totally nasty. GG cleaned the bird parts up, I just didn't have the stomach to do it, I stood there and gave her moral support and poured water on the bird meat, but I couldn't touch the meat or clean it off in any way really. Logan also got some of the meat before we got it cleaned up, so he had a bit of a snack and seemed to really like this. We finally got the tent finished and went and visited with GG's friends. We had a really great meal with homegrown veggies and some moonshine, mmmmmmmmm. We went back to the tent and started to get ready to sleep so we would be ready for the next and final day's drive. But as we were laying down, we had some creepy guy looking for his friend stop at our tent looking and then later he drove off, which creeped out both of us. The tent was barely big enough for the two of us let alone Logan too, so after trying for a minute or so, he decided he wanted to sleep in the car instead and we did this. But even so, I don't think GG or I really slept well that night and by 5 AM we had the tent taken down and we were on the road north. This final day of driving was really easy, boring at times and we were both pretty tired still so we switched off driving more often and drank a lot of caffeinated drinks. We finally got here to home at about 3 PM and the main part of the adventure was over.

We still need to unpack the cube on Monday afternoon or Tuesday. I had an interview on Friday with a Bright Horizons center in Chicago, which is who I was working for in NC. I have an interview at a Kindercare center on Monday and a second interview on Tuesday at the same Bright Horizons, so hopefully sometime soon I will have a job.


Anonymous said...

Bird guts? ishkabibble. But altogether, it sounds like an okay trip. For a move.

Distributorcap said...

fingers crossed for the job

and no matter where or who
moving sucks

even for the right reason

FranIAm said...

What an adventure - yeesh- bird innards.

I am glad you are there now and I wish you all good things - lots of mazel and tov!

GourmetGoddess said...

I have been camping my entire life and never had anything like that happen. It was all I could do to keep from yakking! Kudos to Boxer for not insisting on a hotel that night...

Anonymous said...

I certainly am impressed w/ Boxer's perseverance w/ the camping adventures especially knowing his lack of interest in camping in his youth.

Boxer's mom