Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cable update

So on last Saturday, I called the cable company and downgraded my cable to basic (only the first 20 or so channels which is mostly just local shit). They did it after trying to sell me on staying with digital cable, they even offered to lower my bill about $20, but I got rid of it anyway. So she tells me that they cannot get someone out to do the official disconnect till yesterday (the next Friday), but that I would not have to pay for the cable for that week and there would be a credit on my account. She also says that I should bring in my box as soon as possible, but that they would not charge me for the box until after three days after the official disconnect. I, of course, kept the box the whole week and had digital cable the whole week. I think I saw the guy doing the disconnect on Friday as I was getting home, but after walking Logan, he was pretty much gone. I think he was in his car, but he never came to the door or anything that I know of. So I checked and sure enough in my bedroom I only had the basic cable. I still had the digital cable box in the living room so I still had digital cable, this was the first things I checked when I got home from my walk. So I figured I would have the basic cable in the living room once I got rid of the box. That turned out to be wrong, at least for right now. After I got everything set up, I had to get a composite cable to hook my DVD/VCR combo to my TV because the TV does not have a cable tuner and then plug everything in, it turns out I still am getting ESPN, and all of the other standard cable channels (the more expensive package with more channels that I am not paying for). I keep thinking that the guy will come back on Monday and fix that, he just needed another piece or something and will make it so both cable outlets only have the basic cable or that I will get my bill and will have to pay for the more expensive package, but for right now I am going to enjoy getting the better cable package for the cheaper rate. And if they do come back and expect me to pay the higher price I will fight them as it is their mistake not mine, I confirmed with both the girl on the phone and the girl when I dropped off my digital box today, as I payed this months bill as well while I was there, and they both confirmed that I had the basic package. So here's hoping that I will still be able to watch Monday Night football and some of the other shows that are on Standard cable that I was giving up by having only the lower channels and will only pay the lower rate.

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