Saturday, September 29, 2007

I hate Target

Ya know I had a better post for today, so I am falling back on the post that came to me earlier. I hate Target. I had to get some stuff and so I went in there and I feel like I go in there every week for something. The crowds were backed up at the front of the store and people were just milling about or something, I don't know, but as soon as I got away from the front it wasn't so bad. I really wanted to get a waffle iron as I wanted to make waffle tomorrow, but they only had square waffle irons and one Belgian waffle maker and I didn't want square waffles or Belgian waffles, I just wanted regular round waffles. Yes, I know this is being petty and stupid, but sometimes I just want something specific and will not settle for anything else. I think this trait also gets me in trouble in my lack of a dating life as I have standards that are too high, like she is smart, funny and liberal. I know this is much to ask for, but they do exist, look at the people on my blogroll, many of them are women and all of them are funny, smart and liberal. Anyway, back to target, what is with the red shirts, isn't red supposed to be a color of anger or passion and yet these people look like they are doing me a favor by acknowledging my presence and checking out my purchases.

Finally, and the big reason I hate Target is that I feel like I am in someway selling myself out. I do not shop at Walmart as I detest Walmart and will not step foot in there. But Target is another chain that is ruining small businesses. They are these giant mega stores that take business away from the small business and they build on land that could be used for parks or small farms or something better than a fucking megamart. But after running around all day having to return my digital cable box because yes I did it, I got rid of my cable. I went to one place and found out that they cannot take returns of cable boxes only exchanges, which makes no sense to me but anyway, I had to run home and get directions to the main office for the cable company and then wait in line for twenty minutes. I also went to the farmers market, yeah farmers market and I still had to go to the regular grocery store after Target. I went to Target and it was packed and I was in no mood to deal with a packed store which I knew it would be, but still I hate Target. But I go to Target because I can get everything I need like todays trip, paper towels, composite cable, shampoo and I was hoping a waffle iron. On the positive side I did get Regina Specktor thanks to Dr. Monkey's week of Spektor turned me on to her.

So basically you just got my day in a nutshell and all I wanted to say was I hate Target, oh well I guess they are better than Wal-Mart or at least I hope they are or I am truly SOL.


DCup said...

I ashamed to admit how much money we spend at Target each month. We go there instead of WalMart.

I'm trying really hard to go to locally owned stores, but for things like paper towels and groceries and stuff for The Spawn's school lunches, etc. I opt for Target.

I don't feel good about it, but it's the reality of our situation.

Anonymous said...

I just have to stated that over the years, I really liked target and only on rare occasions have I had to return items. In August 2007, I had purchased a Huffy bike and a helmet for my son for his 8th birthday. Two weeks later I had to return the bike due to there being a load noise that would occur when my son would ride his new bike. He rode the bike once. I had my receipt and attempted to return the bike to the Target located at 3173 E Shields Avenue, Fresno CA.

The store’s assistant manager did not want to make the return and then I pointed out the defect and showed my receipt. The store manager was then called and I was told by him Mr. Tim Coats that Target had the right to repair the bike at their cost. I was reluctant but at that point I didn’t feel like I had any recourse and I just wanted a bike for my son to enjoy. I then asked when could I be back later on that day to pick up the bike. I was then told that the person that fixes the bikes would not be in until next week on Tuesday. It was Friday and I was crushed as I had wanted to go bicycling with my son on the weekend. I then agreed, still rather dismayed at my inconvenience. I submitted my name and phone number (cell) in order for the store to call me when it was completed. That Tuesday came and went so I went to the store on that Wednesday, since I was in that area. I gave them my receipt and the fix it/service ticket. The store staff could not locate the bike!! I started to become very upset, then the bike was located. The store manager then told me that the bike was still making the loud noise and he offered me store credit. I asked if there was another bike exactly like that one in the store. The store manager indicated that there was not. At that time I then stated that I had been patient and followed all of the “store policy” protocol and now I have wasted my time, efforts and my gas. I then insisted on a cash refund at that point. The store manager, sighed and then refunded my money. I was perplexed by this interaction for a refund that took a week to get and I was very upset because I had felt like I was victimized for having purchased a defective product. I had told my self that I would never be treated like that again by a retailer. I then went to Walmart and purchased a beautiful electric green Next Bike for my son who was very pleased. I had completely sworn off Target Stores for good and I kept this vow for over 8 months. Now, when I would shop at Target, I would usually drop about $100-$200 per month at that store. So I felt like taking my business and consumer dollars elsewhere was for the best until…….

On 5-10-08, I attempted to return a Maybelline Mascara that I had purchased at Target on 5-6-08. It was opened and I always buy this particular mascara. However on this occasion, the mascara appeared to defective. It was very clumpy and unusable. The item was only a mere $6.29 and my total purchase was 68.15(with taxes) for my other items. I paid in cash.

I was very dismayed at my experience as the return clerk stated that the package was open and therefore could not be returned. I explained that I was a very good customer and noticed that the formulation was somewhat different and that I could not use the mascara. I had my receipt to indicate that I had just purchased the questionable item.

The clerk then informed me that target cannot accept opened items. I asked if that was the case even if the product appeared defective. The clerk indicated that was “the company policy”. I then asked to speak to a manager. “Carlos” came to the register and repeated the same rhetoric. The manager then proceeded to show me on the back of the register receipt that states, “All returns & exchanges must new , unused, and have original packaging and accessories. SOME items cannot be returned if opened.” I wondered why the return policy was so vague and I questioned them about the defective merchandise that they were obviously selling. After all was said and done, I was NOT granted my return for a meager $6.29.

I am very unhappy at my experiences with Target and I very repulsed at the fact that on these two return incidents I was felt like I had to defend my rights as a consumer. I actually felt criminalized and by all means, I am pretty squeaky clean. I am a public servant (social worker), mother of three children, graduate student, and by all means a very law -abiding citizen. I am surprised about how poorly Target treats it’s consumers. Is target perhaps doing some racial profiling? I know that sounds extreme but their reactions to my minor returns seems preposterous and extreme. I really wish Target the best of luck, since as a consumer I am now afraid to shop at TARGET due to the fact that I may be held liable if a product which they sell for profit is defective then the burden is placed on me to live with it and not even feel as if I can return it. This is a poor practice and customer service has fallen to the waste side for this company.

Anonymous said...

i work at target in Pennsylvania and it sucks to be an employee but i have to say a lot of people have problems with the return policy. At our store the return policy is printed on the back of the receipt and at every register. Also at the front of the store there is a six foot high sign in bright red explaining the return policy. Its not our fault people do not read this. we are very accommodating at our store as we will let you return without a receipt. We and all target stores donate returned items that have been opened to the Goodwill or Salvation Army. We donate more to the local community than Walmart.
That being said it is a bad place to work but i work in the front at the starbucks, as a target employee and i only get 10 hours when someone else with my availability gets 34 hours a week. I have gotten more excellent guest comments than he has but whatever. the managers are jerks barring the team leads who are lower management. However i get paid quite well to talk to people and put coffee in a cup.

Anonymous said...

Target has the worst return policy of any store on earth. I got a case of diapers as a gift, with no gift receipt. They had a large orange sticker with the Target Logo on it. All I wanted to do was exchange them for a different size. It was clear they came from the store, as there was a Target sticker with the inventory number on it. They would not even let me return TARGET BRAND diapers for a STORE CREDIT!!! I have also tried using coupons there, and they always will try and find some reason to deny the coupon. One item ended up being free after the coupon and the lady gave me a lecture about how "coupons are supposed to save you money, but not give you free things." I said that I wanted to return the item and get my coupon back (so I could use it elsewhere) and she tried to keep it, saying that it was already used. How is the coupon used if I am RETURNING the item? And that is FRAUD on their part because they would be getting reimbursed by the company for an item a consumer never purchased. I finally asked to speak to a manager who reluctantly permitted for my coupon to be returned. Most of my experiences at that store are unfair and frustrating.