Monday, September 17, 2007

Why I blog

This post by DCup helped push me in the direction of talking about why I blog. I had been thinking about why I blog lately and had come to some interesting conclusions, at least to me. When I first started out, I figured this blog would be me talking to myself on the web, basically no one would comment and I would post merely as a way to vent some energy and frustration. I didn't really want a blog that was self-serving and vain, I didn't want a blog that no one would be interested in, I didn't want to be talking to myself in a void, but knowing that there were a lot of blogs out there and so getting noticed would be difficult, I figured I would just ramble at times and then would get bored and stop blogging. I figured this would only take about two months and then I would find something else to take up my time, reading, movies, watching football, who knows what else. Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, I discovered that I really liked to blog and that this was a great outlet for my frustration, but also for the slightly crazy side as well. I found that blogging allowed me to express things and think about things that I may not have ever thought about or at least not in as much depth. I found that by writing about what was happening I could figure out what I thought about the issues, I also figured out that by putting my thoughts out there others could see what I think. I also realized that as much anonymity as I have in blogging, that no one really knows my name (ok so some of you know it from the BG Salon), where I live or those details that we seem to guard carefully about ourselves, you know more detail about some of my thoughts, fears and life than friends of mine that do know some of the basic personal details. I have come to look forward to blogging everyday and after the daily walk wth the dog, I immediately come to my computer and see if anyone has responded to the previous posts and then I post whatever I am thinking about that day. Some days it is bizarre such as the "Today I was thinking about demented bunnies, so here they are." post of a few weeks ago and some times it is more boring stuff such as my love of football or my job, but it is always me. This blog is about me and my life.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who comment and encourage me by commenting. It is nice to know that there are others out there who, at least somewhat, think like me. I also have to say a big thank you to those who have told me when I have commented about my feeling where I am still trying to find my voice, "don't worry about it, your voice will find you" or "voice, you don't need no stinking voice, just blog, baby". Those may have been paraphrased thoughts, but they are what keep me going when I think about how random this blog is at times and how much work I still have to do before I will be fully satisfied with my writing skills and the subject matter that I write about. So thank you and may the force be with you.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Dude, I'm glad you blog as well. I like reading diverse peoples blogs. I've got a wide variety of folks I read and I'd miss any and all of them if they quit.

Blog on my canine friend.

FranIAm said...

Greetings. I haven't been stopping by here often enough- you have a great blog!

So many blogs, so little time.

I really did like reading dcup's post and yours as well.

Dr. Monkey says it well... such diverse people and blogs. And like many of us- some days my posts are serious, some days serious wrapped in snark, some days just fun. (like today at least thus far)

One thing I have really come to appreciate in this short journey is how many great people I have had the ability to connect with.

I said this somewhere else recently - Distributorcap and I are friends in so-called "real life". He encouraged me to go to Dkos this winter and it sprung forth from there. I started my blog and then he got going and here we all are.

So what used to be endless emails sent throughout the day to each other, embedded photos, snarky remarks, provocative political points ended up as our blogs.

I miss the emailing a bit, but I love this larger world that I am apart of.

Goodness I've rambled on too long.

Good post- good blog, I shall return!

Whiskeymarie said...

I'm glad you blog too. Much like monkeyman, I like to have a little diversity in my blog reads.
And, have you noticed that you've almost reached the 100th post mark?

Buy yourself something pretty for your blogiversary.

Mathman6293 said...


Yours is one of my favorite blogs.

Anonymity is a funny thing. I have revealed to a select few who I work with that I blog. In fact I am planning on having a couple of them guest blog very soon.

Keep writing.

TheCunningRunt said...

Amazing, innit? The way we open up to a Whole Damned World of strangers, the way they become our friends, the way we find our voices.

I too am grateful for the scant feedback which lets me know if I'm striking a chord or barking up the wrong tree.

You, me amigo, stimulate and affirm and expand me. Thank you for being there.

DCup said...

Boxer - Sorry I'm late to respond to your post about you. I love stopping here, as you know, because I have to see what's up in your world of teaching lil ones, dog wars, pop culture, politics and commentary on whatever moves you.

Each time you reveal a bit of yourself, it's a little gift you give us.