Sunday, February 3, 2008

Blogroll Amnesty Day 2008

So today is Blogroll Amnesty Day where we are to point out our favorite blogs that are smaller than us. Well, since I am not sure there are many if any that I read that are smaller than me, I am going to link to several that I really like. I could link to everybody on my blogroll as it is not that long and I love all of you, but I am going to try and pick out just a few to highlight.

Little Mary Sunshine- this is a new blog to me that I found over at Gourmet Goddess. It is a simple little blog with intersting writing and this post on how all politics are local is very good.

Gourmet Goddess- A cooking blog of sorts. There used to be more cooking on this blog, but now she has turned it into more of a general blog about her life, interesting, at least to me.

Monkey Mouth- this is a great blog by DCup and Mathman's Cupcake. It is fun to read the blog of a child as it reminds me of the innocence and simplicity of life before bills, jobs and grown up life.

Mock, Paper, Scissors- Most of you know of the genius that is Tengrain and this blog, but it still needs to be mentioned cause it is one of the funniest and smartest blogs that I read. And his use of photoshop is awesome.

Little Bang Theory- The Cunning Runt's blog is full of great photography and great looking food. He also has a great insight into life that we get glimpses of and are though provoking and interesting.

And finally, Blue Gal has to be mentioned. She is the reason that I started blogging and the reason that I have met so many awesome people. She is the blog mother to so many of us and so I have to also link to her. She has done an amazing job in linking all of us smaller blogs together so that we are beginning to create a community of progressive bloggers and not just each of us standing out there alone.

I really have to stop there as if I keep going I will link to everyone of you and that will take me all day. I really want to get back to reading you and not just telling everyone how great y'all are.


GourmetGoddess said...

I vow to get back to cooking. I have some new cookie recipes to post, and I need to be more open to writing about food again. While it may be commonplace to me, I bet a lot of folks out there have never debated the relative merits of fresh vs canned sauerkraut, let alone the differences between metal canned and glass canned. :)

FranIAm said...

You are so the best my man!I love the way you end that post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link and for linking Cupcake's blog. I just told her about it and she's very excited. Now she's going to have to post something new!

And you are so right. I need to go back and update my B.A.D. post to say something about BlueGal who has really made this community possible.

Tengrain said...

Thanks for the link, bro - I'm flattered as all hell!



Little Merry Sunshine said...

Thank you so much for the plug and links to my blog! I'm so glad you liked the local politics piece and I hope you'll keep returning.

Thank you again!

Little Merry Sunshine :)