Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Political thoughts

I found this on Blue Gal and had to post it.

I have seen this one on many sites and also wanted to post this.

No, these are not endorsements of Obama, but I have yet to see anything this entertaining for Hilary and so I didn't post those. My vote when I get a chance to vote which will be later in this year, I think May, is that I will follow my conscience and vote for who I still think would be the best president, Edwards. I want to thank the Cunning Runt for reinforcing this thought of voting my conscience and not who the media thinks I should vote for in this post.

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The Cunning Runt said...

Thanks for noticing, BR. It was actually hard, standing there in the voting booth, to put my "X" in the square of someone who wasn't going to be our next Prez.

I guess I'm reconciled to always making the most responsible choice I'm offered, and in the Primary, I had the choice to vote my conscience and support a viewpoint which seems to have gotten swept under our collective rug.

Not that I'm above invoking "Damage Control" come the General Election...