Friday, February 8, 2008

The rollercoaster of politics begins

I have been thinking about this post since probably Tuesday, but did not get into it and really get a chance to explore my thoughts till now. On Tuesday and even prior to that, I really thought that Huckabee was trying to set himself up as the vice presidential nomination. He knew that he could not actually beat McCain or out raise Romney, but he wanted to keep fighting. Then Romney decided to stop his campaign and I now wonder if this doesn't take the wind out of Huckabee's sails. He is now trying to fight McCain who has a large delegate lead and now that most of the south has voted, it doesn't seem that Huckabee can win that many more delegates. I know he has said he will continue to fight on and I know that Dobson has thrown his support behind Huckabee, but can he really catch up to McCain? I highly doubt it, so I am still thinking that he is trying to get the VP nod, which helps both McCain and Huckabee really. Huckabee scares the shit out of me and so even him as a VP scares me. So now McCain can just start to gear up for taking shots at the Democrats as he has no real competitor.

This leads me to the Democrats, I think we are possibly screwed here. Sure I said that we should have no problems beating any Republican this time around, but I am not so sure against McCain who has been able to have a great bit of pull with the independent vote and if he can get Huckabee on the ticket well then he has a legitimate shot at the conservative vote as well. Houston, we may have a problem. This continuing battle between Obama and Clinton has the potential for weakening the the Democratic party and the potential candidate. McCain does not have to attack either of them, he just has to sit back and watch them beat the shit out of each other.

The longer this nomination is undecided and it looks like it could go all the way to the Democratic Convention, the nastier this fight will have to become as they both try to gain the upper hand. Howard Dean has said that the two of them need to sit down in a room and hash this out, where one decided to concede the nomination. Why would either of them do this? They both have about the same number of delegates and the same numbers in the popular votes, so why should they give up? Sure they could run as one ticket, but then who is the president and who is the VP? I am relatively certain that neither of them wants to take a back seat to the other at this point. So it goes to the convention and now the nomination is decided by the super delegates. This would piss me off and should piss everyone off, the vote of the people does not decide our candidate, it is decided by party officials as to who they want to run. It is decided in non-smoke filled rooms, but probably behind closed doors. I am not saying I would not vote for whoever the Democratic candidate is because I would. I will vote for whoever wins the nomination, but the fact that my vote and the votes of millions of other people do not count in the nomination process and only the votes of public officials count, many of whom have said that they will vote however they want and will not follow the will of the people from the states that they represent. This is no better than Bush stealing the election on the account of electoral votes even though he lost the popular vote. I will still vote for whoever the super delegates pick, but I will not be happy about it. This needs to be decided by the voters and not public officials. And if it is decided by the public officials, how can we count on the fact that the huge numbers of people who have been voting in this primary season will actually continue to come out and vote in November when they begin to think that their vote doesn't matter anyway.

Yet again the Democratic party is weakened as I know that if McCain can figure out a way to get the conservative vote whether it is by hook or by crook, they will come out and vote. And now he has all of this time on his hands to kiss their asses and get their votes. I want the Democrats to win, I need the Democrats to win, but more I need the Democratic party to figure out a way to keep from giving away another election.


Comrade Kevin said...

A recent poll claims that Obama would narrowly beat McCain head to head and Clinton would either barely lose or tie McCain in November.

Obama would draw in more independents than she would, so I think in the next few weeks he must capitalize on the momentum swing, his fund-raising advantage, deliver the death blow, and force Clinton to concede.

FranIAm said...

Hi Boxer- I came by to say that I tagged you...

Mauigirl said...

I hope Obama wins more delegates than Hillary and perhaps the super delegates will bend to the will of the people. But we shall see - the Democrats do have a way of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, don't they?

And McCain-Huckabee? Scary. Especially since McCain is OLD. McCain's bad enough...but President Huckabee would make "W" look good.

Mauigirl said...

Well, maybe THAT was an exaggeration. But it would be bad.