Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cunt, Cunt, Cunt

Jane Fonda used this word when referring to a part of the play, The Vagina Monologues.

This article references the slip and then goes on to say how this has been a tough month for NBC as they have had to apologize for Chris Matthews and his misogyny and MSNBC reporter David Shuster. As a "friend" noted, NBC is probably trying to avoid getting a fine for Fonda saying cunt on national TV, but this is not the same as the continuous misogyny of Chris Matthews or saying that Clinton is pimping out her daughter. This is simply not even in the same ballpark, this may be offensive to some and I understand that, but the constant berating of women and the constant berating of Hillary is just ridiculous. I am not even a Hillary supporter, really, and I think that people need to listen to her ideas and then make your decision, not make your decision on whether she has a penis or not. Ok so back to my original point, NBC has to apologize for a word that was not used offensively the same as when a word or idea is used offensively, that is total bullshit. This is just the cause of some right wing nut job who heard the word or was afraid their child would hear the word and then they would have to actually educate their child on the fact that women are different than men. They would have to tell their child that women do not have to be submissive to me (well unless they want to be) and that women have re-claimed the word cunt. I am just sick of men's misogyny, but when women say something that some housewife or fuck wad deems inappropriate it is apologized for immediately. I mean Matthews has been a misogynist for how long and they finally said something and he is still a fuck wad and David Shuster said something that it took NBC several hours to respond to, if I remember correctly, but Jane Fonda says cunt and they are all over it by the next break. I am sick of the patriarchy. And yes I was trying to use the word cunt as many times as i could in this post. CUNT, CUNT, CUNT, CUNT, CUNT, CUNT, CUNT, CUNT, CUNT, CUNT, CUNT and CUNT


Anonymous said...

All of the values that we've taught our children are so precarious that if they hear one word like cunt, snatch, cooter, twat, badgina, hair pie, pink taco, vadge, happy hole, pussy and the like, they're whole worldview will come crashing down, they will run out and snort lines of coke while getting tattoos and quit school to become back alley prostitutes.

That is, of course, when they're not too busy worshipping satan and setting kittens on fire while taking the lord's name in vain.

Must protect the children!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and (hee, hee) MathMan played the clip over and over in the kitchen earlier tonight so that I could hear it.

The kids were, of course, in and out and didn't even notice...

Comrade Kevin said...

Stupid Hanoi Jane cunt. :-)

What if we substituted the word "cunt" for "kill" in all those violent acts we see on TV.

"Okay, buddy, we're gonna cunt you now."

"If you say that again, I'll fucking cunt you!"

Whiskeymarie said...

I have embraced the word cunt and use it often, much to the chagrin of most everyone I know.
I like it. It's a meaty word. I think it's a word women can use with a feeling of power.

Matthews is a douche. And a cunt.
A douchey cunt.

FranIAm said...

C - U - Next Tuesday!

I mean for cunt's sake. What the hell.

Mauigirl said...

LOL, this is great. After all, the whole point of the Vagina Monologues is to de-sensitize people to the words used to describe female parts. I think this is a great way to do it.

Distributorcap said...

i missed ALL the fun at work -- they said the phones went crazy.