Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How much do you think mine would sell for?

A few days ago, I read in this article in the local paper online that a college student had put her vote in the NC Democratic primary up for sale on Ebay. Now we all know this is a crime and she had to take it down, but that was not her point. Her point was that this Democratic campaign has gotten to be ridiculous. The candidates are fighting for each vote and the fighting is getting nasty among not only the candidates, but also their supporters as well. She also feels as though both candidates are just sale people selling a product anymore and making promises that they may not keep. As she said, "On top of that...the Obama crowd on campus expects her vote because she is a Muslim from a Palestinian family. Clinton's supporters think a woman would automatically choose their candidate. 'I was thinking this race has turned into a bidding war." She stared the bidding at 15 cents and by the time she had to take it down, the bidding was up to $11.50. The state has not said they will press charges which I am glad to hear, but this does make me wonder what my vote would go for. I am a white male and isn't this the exact constituency that both candidates are fighting for?

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