Friday, April 11, 2008

Tonights dinner, Pizza

UPDATE: This was last nights dinner. Blogger and Firefox are not playing nicely right now so I had to switch over to Safari to finally get this to work.

I have not done one of these, cooking dinner posts so I decided tonight was the night to do one. I had pizza tonight, mmmmmmmm pizza. I have been making my own pizza for a while now as it is cheaper to make it myself than to get it delivered or go get it and it is better too. At first I was just buying dough at Trader Joes and then making it here, they sell dough for $1 for one pizza. I found this to be really good, really cheap dough that was still raw dough so it was easy to freeze and then make into whatever shape I wanted. I also could use this dough to make calzones with tomato sauce and cheese and then whatever I wanted to put into it, ricotta, spinach, veggie pepperoni, whatever I felt like at the time. So then I figured I would make my own dough, I mean how hard can it be and I had already started to make my own bread, but just started that. It is super easy to make, but then the best part was that Sir Robin did a whole post on pizza and I was able to use his pizza rdough recipe which makes four pizzas for me and so I can make one and then freeze the rest till I want to make pizza again, which is like weekly. So tonights was just a plain cheese pizza, no frills, just real quick and easy.

Pizza dough with sauce. I wanted a lot of sauce tonight, I am not sure why. Sometimes I use a lot of sauce and sometimes very little.

Now it has cheese and in it goes to the oven.

Here it is done. It might have been a bit over cooked and as you can see, it got stuck to the pizza stone and so tore a bit. But it was really good.


Distributorcap said...

i buy the dough and sauce at Trader Joes -- and shred cheese

now i dont have a stone, but the pizza pan works fine

you should try it
it was great


Boxer rebel said...

DCap- I have used the sauce and dough from Trader Joe's. They are both great, but since I have started to bake more, I just tend to have the stuff to make the dough myself anyway.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Whoo Whooo!!!!!

Homemade is the way to go!!!!

(I hope the dough was well behaved.)