Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cat Sundae

This post was supposed to b yesterday, Caturday, but I just didn't get a chance to put it up. GG and I were busy yesterday. Anyway. here are some pictures of our furry children.

Here is the newest furry child, Kalidas aka Kali aka Li'l bit. She has already decided that the remote is hers and we will be watching more cat inspired programming.

Here is the matriarch of the family, Pele. She is just watching over her subjects from her rocking chair.

And of course Logan, here he is sleeping. Seems to be the safest thing for him as Pele still hisses at him occasionally and Kali has threatened to chase him at times as well.

The animals all seem to be getting used to each other, but we do have the occasional hiss or other sound of stay away.


Anonymous said...

Sweet! They look so cute! One big happy.....

Mauigirl said...

Hey, congratulations on your new family member! Very cute!

FranIAm said...


Anonymous said...

They are look "content"

Boxer's mom aka Nana