Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Do your knicker match your shorts?

The IOC has suspended the New Zealand men's field hockey manager after three of his players wore black underwear under their shorts. Apparently the knickers and shorts must match in Olympic field hockey play. The IOC wanted to suspend the three players, but the manager argued that he was to blame as he was the one who picked out what the players wore. So now the manager had to watch a crucial match against Germany from the stands. The Olympic hockey committee has also threatened the German manager and players because in their game they were wearing white shorts with a red stripe and they were supposed to be wearing red underwear, but since red underwear is hard to come by they wore black underwear and so now players are being threatened that they will be suspended from the semi-final match. This is possibly the most asinine rule I have heard of in sports and that there is someone whose job it is to make sure the undies match the shorts of a player is just stupid.