Saturday, August 30, 2008

It is nationwide

Dcup posted something yesterday about a roadblock when she was driving with her kids. Well, it happened to me last night as GG and I were driving home from seeing the new Indiana Jones film for free (and that is about it is worth paying to see that pile of crap). We got to a point where they were directing all traffic into an abandoned parking lot. They then lined the cars up in three rows and just went along checking drivers licenses. The popo said they were checking license and proof of insurance, but they only looked at my license. GG and I guess it was cause I still have my NC license. So apparently these random stops are nationwide. And of course as we were pulling into the stop and then leaving again, GG and I wondered aloud whether this was a violation of our civil rights. GG even yelled out the window, "hey you violated my rights" as we were pulling away. I responded "quiet till I get the windows up" we were still in the parking lot and there were a a lot of coppers around. I didn't need to get shot that night. This same police force had shot a kid a few weeks earlier, they might be a bit trigger happy. So we just debated the merits of pulling everyone over for supposed license checks, seemed a bit unlikely to us in a heavily Latino area. Maybe looking to illegal aliens? I guess as Bush's term begins to end we may start to see more of this ramping up of police presence so that when McSame doesn't win, Bush Co. can keep their dictatorship alive.


Little Merry Sunshine said...

The only thing I can think of that I hope is true (because if it's not, we're in deeper trouble than I thought) was that during all the major drinking weekends (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day), there's always a HUGE "Click It or Ticket" campaign in the Chicago area (and maybe nationwide?).

When I lived in Northern VA, they had these kinds of stops semiregularly. But they were always obviously drunk driving checkpoints.

Drunk driving is so rampant over these holiday weekends that I'm going into Chicago tonight and taking the train. I don't want to be driving the Kennedy and then the Jane Adams Tollway with the drunk crazies! It's bad enough when the majority are sober.

DCup said...

What a strange feeling those stops give you, huh? It's probably nothing, but when you look at in the larger context of what's going on in our country, it gives you pause.

I didn't feel like our stop had anything to do with the holidays since it happened on Thursday evening when most people were just getting home from work. And it was on a back road.

What really bothered me was that no explanation was offered for the stop. There was no "cause."

Little Merry Sunshine said...


Have you seen this article? Is this where you guys were?


GourmetGoddess said...

We were on Rt. 120 (Belvidere Rd) across from the erst-while Pick N Save ..... Boxer is really much more polite than I. Had said popo asked me, were I to be from North Carolina, just what I was doing in Waukegan, I would have commented, "Figuring out just how fast I can leave this hell hole of pepper thieves!"