Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Can I just say...

Indiana sucks. I don't mean to offend those of you who are form the Hoosier state, but really your state sucks. GG and I traveled east yesterday to PA to see my parents for the holidays and Indiana was the only state that couldn't be bothered to salt or plow the state roads. We were on the Indiana turnpike and it was just plain dangerous to drive on it. The roads were slick and you could not get any traction most of the time. We saw at least nine accidents where people were stuck in ditches because they had slid off the road. GG and I both did a little prayer when we got into Ohio and neither of us pray often, but we were glad to leave Indiana behind. Unfortunately, we have to drive back through Indiana to get back to Illinois on Saturday, but all we can do is try and be safe, but get through Indiana as fast as possible.

Ohio has the nicest service areas I have ever seen. Nice new buildings, we even found a Panera Bread in one station which meant we did not have to eat your standard roadside fast food.

Pennsylvania needs to have service station more often. We went over 50 miles without seeing one service station which means, of course, that when we needed to fill up on gas we had to get off the turnpike, pay the toll, get gas, than get back on the toll road to keep going east. I know it is mountainous and such, but really a small service station is not too much to ask and maybe a sign saying the fact that when we saw a service station that it would be 60 miles before we could see another one, we would have stopped and gotten gas at the one service station we saw, although that was earlier than we needed too if we had known there wouldn't be another one for so long.


Mathman6293 said...

Driving in Indiana can be a drag. That damn lake effect snow. On our first trip from Bloomington to Chicago. Dcup was following me on I65 and she hit some ice and spun around 2 times.

Anonymous said...

No offense taken. Why do you think we stay in Georgia in the winter?

I hope you and GG have a wonderful holiday!!!