Tuesday, December 2, 2008


As I was driving through the town I currently live in, I looked over and there was a Buddha kind of like this one, who was wearing a santa hat.

Now, unless I am mistaken I am relatively sure that Buddha is not Santa Clause or anything like that. I mean I know the Laughing Buddhas may look fat and jolly and even usually carries a sack, but still I am not convinced that Buddha and Santa Clause are the same person, although they are both fat, jolly and have a large sack of presents...so maybe... Who knows?

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Anonymous said...

As a learning Buddhist I can tell you that "laughing Buddha" is not Santa but the Buddhist monk Hotei; the original "fat" Buddha was known to often share all of his wealth with the poor and the children. That said nowhere in the Buddhist religion is there an issue with celebrating Christmas, as Christmas itself is NOT actually Jesus Christ's birthday but merely a celebration of life. Nearly every religion as some form of winter celebration therefore I am not offended when I see a Buddha in a Santa hat.