Monday, December 22, 2008

Fuck you Pope Benedict

That is all I have to say about his proclamations that there is a "gay threat". He says that saving humanity from homosexuality is just as important as saving the rainforest.


I know not all Catholics are homophobes, in fact I am sure many American Catholics are good people, but when the head of your church is so homophobic and bigoted, it is hard to get past that. This is not a good representation of your faith and IMHO faith in general. This is what leads to violence against homosexuals and against all people. Catholics need to stand up and tell their Pope that these proclamations are not acceptable and are not representative of their own views.


giggles said...

OMG..... I just finished a post about Rick Warren... I didn't know the pope was spreading more of the same.... No, if he's spewing that shit....the pope is no christian either!!!! They've got it all fucking WRONG!!!!!!!!! (Remember the phrase "Left is right and right is wrong??!!)

Comrade Kevin said...

What did you expect from a arch-conservative Pope? That's all I've got to say to that one.

The Cunning Runt said...

Nonononononono, Youz guys got it all wrong.

Il Papa is infallable, see, and De Eart is 6,000 years old, see, and you wize guys better smarten up or you'll be sleepin' wit da fishies and da fags!

PS, I just told Blue Gal that the "word verifications" were gettin' too easy, and you go and throw me upteribu!