Monday, December 1, 2008

They eat what?

I had some interesting culinary experiences in the northern woods of Wisconsin while visiting GG's family up there. This is a very rural area and so hunting is, of course, an important means to gain food for some and sport for others. GG's stepfather likes to hunt and apparently had a successful hunt. I have no issues with the eating of venison, it is not something I am especially fond of, I have had venison bloogna, sausage, jerky, and bacon at various times of my life. So the eating of deer in and of itself is not really that big of a deal to me, but there is one thing that GG and her mother ate that did sort of gross me out, deer heart. Apparently, this is a prized part of the deer for GG and her mom. GG was very excited that there was heart available when we got there and her mom and her had heart fried up for breakfast one morning along with pancakes. I had just pancakes, it just didn't look that appetizing and really the thought of eating the heart of any animal is just odd to me. Now venison may not be that odd and is served in restaurant often enough I suppose, but the next thing they ate is just a rural special I figure, raccoon. Yes, you read that right GG's mom made 'coon. She had told one of her neighbors if he caught a 'coon a trap to save it for her and she would go over and get it. Well apparently, a while back he had found a 'coon as there was a 'coon in their freezer and GG's mom par-boiled it to remove the fat, then roasted it and slathered it with bbq sauce. This was then served and enjoyed by a majority of GG's family, mom, stepdad, several aunts and some cousins. I did not eat the 'coon either. Raccoon is beyond odd to me and according to GG, she ate 'coon quite often growing up. She also ate squirrel at times as well, but squirrel is not very good according to GG and her family. I just can't imagine eating squirrel or raccoon. These just seem to be animals that are off limits to me, but I also didn't grow up with a hunter in the family or in really rural areas so I guess that explains it all.

But the ultimate odd food, in my opinion, are the microwavable pork rinds (Chicharronnes) that we found at the convenience store that is the only real store close to where GG and her family's hunting cabin is located. These are just odd and we had to buy a pack of them and then I had to take a picture and post a picture of them. This is just odd. Microwavable popcorn=OK and pork rinds=OK even though I don't eat them, still pork rinds are fine, but microwavable pork rinds are just weird and strange.

So now you know how I spent my Thanksgiving, visiting with GG mother and stepfather and her extended family and watching people eat odd foods.

UPDATE: In case anyone misconstrues this post, I am not making fun of anyone's food choices especially my girlfriend or her family, I am not. I eat and enjoy gefilte fish so far it be it from me to make fun of anyone's food choices, except Lutefisk, jellying fish in lye is just plain fucked up.


Anonymous said...

Now that you have survived a up north Thanksgiving without sampling the oddieties, congrats. We do not often have such delicacies to indulge in, so it was an unusual time. Hang in there, we're really not that barbarian all the time.

Boxer rebel said...

I know this was not usual fare, but it was still a fun blog post and I hate to say it, but the microwavable pork rinds are probably a regular item in that store and must have some kind of audience or they wouldn't be made or sold.

Tengrain said...

One of my best friends talks about the community squirrel fries that his family used to put on once a year.

The squirrels around here look thuggish. I think if you captured one, they would organize a raid to free their bro.



FranIAm said...

Oy gevalt, such lovely people but the food, treyf! (she comments in her best yiddish comedian of the 50's in the catskills voice!!)

I am glad you guys are doing so great- that is the part i love.