Monday, December 8, 2008

I love to fly

I went back east this weekend for my Nana's 90th birthday on Saturday, so I flew out early Saturday morning and then back early evening of Sunday. It was a bit whirlwind and tiring and such, but I do so love to be in the airplane and just kind of relaxing. The takeoff are awesome, IMHO and then being above the cloud cover was amazing. It looked like I could just walk across the big fluffy clouds to the horizon. It was amazing. I think if I could find a job where I could fly and work with kids or a job with kids that allowed me to fly regularly with the corporation paying of course, I would really want to take it, but alas I have found no jobs like that. So I guess I will go back to enjoying the working with kids and the occasional flying whenever I can make up an excuse to be in an airplane.


Tengrain said...

Just take any flight I happen to be on, Boxer. You will have all the goddam kids you ever wanted, and all of them screaming for hours on end.

Be careful what you ask for, my friend.



Brave Sir Robin said...

I'm with you Boxer. I love to fly. I'm one of those people who still dress well for the flight, and I check all my luggage.

(Then I drink Bloody Marys)