Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bikinis and the beach

So, as I wrote earlier, I went to the beach this weekend and it was wonderful, but I do have one complaint. I have had this theory for a while that most women should not wear a bikini or two piece bathing suit. I think most women look sexier in a one piece bathing suit. If they have the right suit all women look sexy in swim wear. I know the women out there do struggle to find the right suit to make themselves look good, but then why are there so many people who look so bad in their suit? Why do so many women buy a two piece that just looks horrible. Some women think that just since they are skinny they should get a two piece, some women think just because they have boobs they should get a two piece, some women think that just because it is the fashion they should get a two piece, well I hate to break it to you ladies, but don't get a two piece unless you really do look great in it. I also hate to put age limits on buying a bikini but really if you are over fifty, maybe you should rethink the whole bikini idea. I saw a women who was, I swear, sixty-five or seventy, wearing a bikini and it just looks silly, you look like you are trying too hard and it is not attractive. In my humble opinion, 95% of women look better in a flattering one piece bathing suit that in a bikini. Now, if you do want a two piece, than go with a tankini, yes, I know what those are and most women I have seen do look good in them. Just the thoughts of a heterosexual male who loves women and wants them to look attractive at the beach. As always if you disagree with this or if you feel I am being sexist, than please let me know in comments. And really I am not trying to be sexist as I think Speedos should be banned for men, but since I did not see that many Speedos than I did not comment on that as much.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I say let them all wear what they like. If it makes them feel good to wear a bikini then they should go for it, even if we think they look like crap. What really matters is how people feel about themselves when they wear revealing beach attire. Also on the age thing, I bet Tina Turner, Suzanne Somers, and Irene Bedard all look stunning in bikinis. But that's just my opinion.

Whiskeymarie said...

I wear a 2-piece, but mostly because I have a long torso and 1-pieces end up becoming "super wedgies".
Not pretty.
And, I like the kind with the short-style bottoms. You really need a 19-year-old perky butt to pull off those tiny bottoms. I am not a 19-year-old anymore.

There you go- input from a girl. Hopefully this wasn't more than you needed to know...
And yes, Speedos need to be banned.
But damn, they are funny.

Boxer rebel said...

Ok so you both bring up great points.

Monkey- I do agree with you that they should wear what they want and I would agree with your choices of women and how they look in bikinis

Marie- Ok so you like two pieces and based upon the pictures I have seen on your blog, you probably look good in a two piece. I hadn't really thought of the whole wedgie issue.