Friday, August 3, 2007

Fantasy football and Vick

So i was listening to Mike and Mike in the Morning this morning. Mike and Mike were not there, but the two replacements who I cannot remeber their names were talking about the fallout from the stuff surrounding Michael Vick. The one mentioned that he is in a Fantasy Football league that apparently is really really competitive and the league had decided that not only was Vick not available to be drafted this year, but even if he was able to start in the NFL this year or next, that he would never be available to be drafted again. I found this interesting as it shows the extent to which he has been convicted in the court of public opinion. I personally think that he should never be able to ever play football again and should be sent to jail for a long period of time. I would never draft him, but the fact that people are taking these charge so seriously is great in my opinion, I just wish that people took all criminal charges this seriously like rape, murder and DUI. Any player that is convicted of a felony should be banned from sports for life or given a several year suspension at least. In all other parts of life and jobs, if you are convicted of a felony it is tough to re-enter the workforce, we should hold people in the public light to the same if not higher standards.


Anonymous said...

I live in Atlanta and it has been crazy with Mike Vick. I think he had a lot to do with the crimes and I think the public outcry is because he is a public figure.

Mathman6293 said...

I did not hear all of Mike and Mike on Friday. But Greeny made a point the other day about the Vick indictment. He essentially said that if found guilty then Vick should be subject to the consequences but Vick just like all acused people deserves the due process our justice system provides

Just remember the Duke LaCrosse players. They were tried and convicted in the media. It was the prosecutor that ended up in trouble.

I think we need to be careful. I also think the NFL should not act but the Falcons should - akin to administrative leave until the courts sort it out