Saturday, August 18, 2007

Work meetings

I had a new faculty orientation today and boy did it suck. First, it was on a Saturday. Second, it was all day from 8-4:30. Third, it was on a Saturday and all day so I basically lost the day and couldn't do my grocery shopping on Saturdays like I want to. Fourth, why are there always that one or two people who have to ask all of the stupid questions. They always ask questions during all of the sessions, but they also save up all their questions for the end, where it takes an extra half hour or more for this person to just shut up. I didn't have anything to do after I was done with this training, but that was the entire point. I was ready to go home after lunch and yes they did feed us, but still... But I had to sit through another 3.5 hours. It was annoying and most of it was stupid, most of it could have been have been condensed down to half the time. Why, why, why do we put ourselves through this shit for and why does it always take so long?


Anonymous said...

J - I soooooo sympathize. I just sat through 2 days of sessions that I used to run. Now I'm an attendee having to sit through the same info year after year.

I can only daydream about sex with the guy next to me for so long before I start to doze off from too little sleep the night before.

Doodling? Done. Writing and rewriting to-do lists? Done. Spastically checking the time on my cellphone? Done.

I don't know why we put ourselves through it, but I swear I will never make my staff of one sit through a meeting like this. As long as she's cool with it, we'll just continue to shout through the wall when we need to cover something.

Did you ever get your grocery shopping done? I mean!

Boxer rebel said...

I did do grocery shopping on Sunday, which really isn't a big deal, but it is nice to have one day where I am not running around. I guess I shouldn't complain, dc, as I do not have any kids or a spouse that run me around just me.