Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Random thoughts

This post is just a lot of random thoughts that I have had recently.

1. I was typing the word "non-sequitor" for my post on The Manchurian Candidate and the spellchecker thingie does not recognize the word sequitor. I thought maybe I had spelled it wrong so I checked in the dictionary and I had spelled it OK. I just don't understand, I guess there is no word "sequitor", but with the prefix "non-" shouldn't that make it OK. Yet another weakness with letting a machine think for you.

2. I lost some tomatoes between picking them up at Earth Fare and getting home. I swear I had them in my cart and I was excited because they were local tomatoes too, but on Monday night when i went to look for them I couldn't find them (I had shopped on Sunday). I thought maybe they were in the back of the car, but they weren't there either. I threw away the receipt, so I am not even sure if they were paid for or not. Which meant Tuesday night when I was craving a tomato sandwich, I had to drive to the local grocery chain just down the road and get some tomatoes, which leads me to my next thought.

3. I am trying to decide whether my recent grocery shopping trips are really worth it. I have begun to go 7 miles up the road to the state farmers market and then drive probably about 20 miles in the other direction to go to the Earth Fare and then drive 11 miles back home. That seems to be a lot of driving to get food, when there is a local grocery chain about a mile from my house. Now the farmers market I can easily justify with the fact that it is local produce, bread and milk, eggs, and butter, although I haven't actually gotten eggs or butter or milk at the farmers market, I easily could. So then I could just go to Harris Teeter and get anything else I might need like pasta, fish, ice cream, ya know the essentials. But I go to Earth Fare and get organic stuff, which I prefere for a multitude of reasons, but if I really using more gas and energy and ultimately carbon load than I am saving by going to Earth Fare. I think I could probably get much of the organic stuff in the local grocery store. I wouldn't be able to get some of the vegetarian stuff in the local chain, but since I don't really eat a lot of veggie stuff, I am not sure it is worth it. All this came up because while I was getting the tomatoes last night I got some milk that is from a local dairy farm at the local chain. I just looked up the dairy farm and they are a family run farm that doesn't use synthetic hormones, just the kind of place I want to support. I am sure I can get local milk at Earth Fare, but am I really saving anything with the extra mileage that I am driving? The reason I got milk was because I had gotten cookies at Earth fare, which brings me to my next point.

4. The cookies at Earth Fare were those just pop them in the oven and they are done in 12 minutes variety, I do like making cookies from scratch but they caught my eye so I got them. But they were only 70% organic, so I was trying to figure out what was not organic. I got the chocolate chocolate chip, mmmmmmm, and the chocolate chip were also 70% organic, but the sugar cookies were 100% organic so I am guessing the chocolate, just thought that was interesting and wondered why they could not do organic chocolate.

5. I had my first trolls on the last post that was the meme thing. The first one said "Harry Potter sucks, and so do you." The second one said nice weblog, here check out these two.". Ok on the first one, if a troll wants to criticize me and disagree fine and I will leave it, but just on that meme and that stupid, I delete you, now what. As to the second one, yeah if you use weblog, I will not take you seriously and will not check out anything you suggest, so you two get deleted.

Well that is all for now, I will return with more random thoughts and maybe some coherent ones too.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Whatever gas you use in going to Earthfare is made up for by your buying organic fruit and veg. Not nearly as much fuel was used in growing the fruit and veg and no pesticides were added to the earth either, it takes lots of chemicals and fuels to make pesticides. And also since Earth Fare is a locally owned regional chain then more money stays in your community. So it's actually better for you and your community that you go to Earthfare.

Distributorcap said...

were the cookies good? can you send me some?


Boxer rebel said...

Monkey- Thank you for that point. I figured that it was better, but having someone actually tell me that helps. I knew if I posted this one of my wiser commenters would help me out.

d-cap- they are good and almost all gone, mmmmmmm cooooookies