Thursday, May 8, 2008

Book Review- Kick Me: Adventures in Adolescence

I recently heard that the creator of the show Freaks and Geeks about life in the 80s had written a book about his own life that much of the tv show was based upon, so I had to read it. Kick me by Paul Feigis that story. Feig writes about his life starting in elementary school and ending with his senior year in high school. The book is totally anecdotal and although it does follow a general chronological order, many times Feig refers to times earlier in his to show the progression of his life. The story is really funny and a quick easy read. It also helped me remember why I love Freaks and Geeks so much and then I started to watch the DVDs and so many of the situations in the show now are much funnier because I have seen them in his book as well. It was great to see where a writer and creator came up with the ideas for a show especially as the situations are so autobiographical. Feig is a great writer and so if you are looking for a quick read to remember you adolescence or to see the funny times of someone else's than pick this book up and enjoy.

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