Friday, May 2, 2008

Movie Review- Night Watch

Nochny dozor (The night watch) is a brilliant film. I first heard of the film in a comment thread over at Sir Robin's place, I think, when he and Gourmet Goddess were discussing it. At that point, I am not sure how much GG and I were taking, but it sounded interesting so I put it in my queue. I finally decided it was time to watch it. Now I have kind of a hard time discussing this film as it is part of a trilogy of films, so it is kind of hard to discuss one film without the others. But I have no yet seen the second one and the third film does not come out for another year according to IMDB. So I figured I would just talk about this one and the next one when I see it, hopefully this weekend.

The film is set in Russia and surrounds the mythology of good versus evil or the Light versus the Dark in this film. There is a truce between LIght and Dark, where they coexist until the final battle is to commence sometime in the future and it seems as though this is the future and the battle is about to start. The effects are awesome and the action is also incredible. On the DVD I had, there was a dubbed in English version with the Russian version on the flip side. I, of course, went with the Russian version with the subtitles because dubbed movies bother me so much. So, I was even amazed at the subtitles. They are not just words across the bottom of the screen, they fade in and out at times, they are red at times to represent blood and they vanish at times like smoke. Yes, this is a really minor thing and is easily done with computers, hell it is similar to PowerPoint, but it does also add to the movies when even the subtitles are part of the action. This is such a great film and blew my mind. I cannot remember a film that I liked quite as much and that blew my mind quite as much.

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