Saturday, May 3, 2008

Why can't women have sexual happiness?

This article discusses that at least one female legislator in Ecuador wants to make a women's sexual happiness a law. This has, of course, caused great controversy as the male legislators are uncomfortable with the idea that women are not just baby carriers and sexual objects. How dare women want to be more than just men's playthings? Have they no shame? Next thing you know they will want to be treated equally with men outside of the bedroom too, for shame. The idea that women's sexual happiness needs to be legislated and possibly even put into a constitution saddens me a bit. The fact that women are not granted the same types of allowances to be sexually happy as men troubles me. But the fact that someone is trying to do something about this is exactly what is needed. Someone needs to stand up and say well if we need a law that says that women should have the right to not just be the property of men, than dammit it should happen.

One of the other legislators is accusing Ms Soledad Vela, the legislator responsible for this new idea, of "orgasm by law". This is obviously inflammatory, it is saying that she is only trying to say that all women should have orgasms. This may not be a bad thing, but it is also not what I would guess this women is trying to do. She is attempting to provide a law that would make abortions legal, make anti-rape laws stronger and give women more power over their own bodies. She is just trying to create laws that allow women to be equal to men in society. Yes, I know this is a radical idea, women as equals in the bedroom and in life. I know that for many men the idea that women should have the legal right to have control over their own body is rather radical i.e. the abortion debate, but this should not be that radical. We should be able to recognize that men and women both have a legal right to their own bodies and should have the right to have that control from being able to have an abortion if they so wish to being able to say no to a rapist and not just stranger rape, which is really uncommon. the rape that usually happens, the one that happens when a women is raped by someone they know, a relative, a friend or their significant other. So if a law is needed than I think we should have one here in the U.S. The religious right is creating laws that would undermine human beings, they want to get rid of abortion laws and they want to outlaw gay marriage, so I think, on the left we should fight for laws that empower humans. We should fight to make the laws that support abortion stronger. We should fight to make gay marriage legal on a federal level and we should continue the fight to make all people male and female equal under the law.

I am not saying that the Left is not already doing this, just saying we need to continue fighting the good fight and pointing out that countries that are supposed to be behind us are actually ahead of us in some issues. I can't even imagine a legislator proposing a law that women encourage women to be able to obtain sexual happiness let alone putting this in the Constitution even if we were making a whole new one.

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Tengrain said...

I have long thought - and freqently commented - that sex education ought to have a techniques module.

The GOP would be wiped out in a generation.