Thursday, May 1, 2008

dirty keyboards, fertile women and minorities who can't swim

So this is basically a roundup of three articles that i have seen that intrigued me and that i wanted to comment on.

First, this article says that our keyboards are dirties than our toilets in the office. Now this makes sense we eat at our desks and people don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom, but dirtier than our toilets now that is disgusting. And remind me to never use a public computer, it just isn't worth it.

This article says that women's voices are sexier when they are fertile. Now this makes no sense to me and sounds like someone made this shit up. The hormones affect your larynx which then affects your voice and although we men cannot really hear a difference, we can hear a difference. Sounds like bullshit to me. Maybe we are just sensing the pheromones or something, but a voice change that is basically infinitesimal and we can hear that or at least sense it, nope not buying it.

Now this article, I really don't know what to make of. It says that the number of black children who can't swim is almost twice the number of white children. As someone who has taught swim lessons at two different points in my life and who thinks everyone should learn to swim or at least feel comfortable around a pool, this is aggravating to me that a whole ethnicity seems to be ignored. The article mentions that much of this traces back to segregation and the fact that not many pools were built for non-white peoples, but still... But then again, I have had friends of many different ethnicities and there does seem to be a larger fear of the water from friends who were African-American, so maybe there is something to it. There is also the fact that many inner city families just do not have the money to afford to pay for swim lessons, they can may be able get a ball or the local recreation department will do basketball or football for the kids for really low prices, but a pool is so hardly ever really cheap or free. But then again I have been at two different YMCAs that have offered free swim lessons for a week right at the beginning of the summer so maybe it is more about letting people know of the opportunities and getting out into the community more to get more people swimming. But when when almost 60% of people who are polled cannot do something that could end their life, we need to see if there are ways we can fix this.

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