Sunday, May 4, 2008

How do people find me?

Well it is that time again. Time to look at the stat tracker stuff and see how people stumble upon my little blog here.

sex- apparently people are finding me from looking up sex. It is one of the top searches for me. I guess the past few days of talking about teenagers and sexual education have caught up to me, huh.
what do women think of speedos- this is not a question i think i have ever addressed and honestly I am not sure that it is something I am all that interested in, but women who read this please feel free to answer this question.
wearing pretty feminine dresses transgender-ok then
a boxer be, a boxer do song- this is a song? well I want to hear it too.
feminine little boys wearing dresses-just cause they wear dresses does not make them feminine. There are plenty of boys who wear dresses just cause they are emulating their mothers or there is not much else for them to wear in the dramatic play area.
masturbating witches-well i guess i did touch upon this, but I am not sure why you would want to look that up. It kind of seems like a sad idea of bad porn to me.
outback incest-what the hell is outback incest? Is this incest in Australia? And why does incest come up on these searches that find me?
dress up costumes animal videos gay-is this basically furry homosexual sex? But this seems like a random bunch of words.
list of incest movies made till now-again with the incest and why would anyone want a list of incest movies?
boxers having sex-you really want to see dogs having sex? That is called bestiality, maybe you should use a more accurate search or maybe you want boxers like those people who box, but then how do you know they are having boxers when they are having sex?
youtube woman straddling-OK and you find me with this how? Sure I have YouTube Fridays, but that is never porn.
boxer am sex-And finally something with sex again, so this person wants to find dogs having sex in the morning?

People find me in the weirdest ways, but to those of you who find me in other ways and then read me, Thank you.


Little Merry Sunshine said...

Interesting theme going on . . . masturbation, beastiality, and incest. hmmmmmmm . . . I don't recall the incest and beatiality posts, maybe I'll have to read a little closer.

On my blog, the #1 way to find me is a search for prostitute names thanks entirely to a post called The Name Game that I did when I was bored one night last October.

Society is depraved.

Tengrain said...

Boxer, I get hit on scissor sex.

I had no idea scissors had genitals, but there you have it.



FranIAm said...

Go figure?

I get a lot on "giant women" - which relates to my friend Matty's blog.

Also- "granny sex", due to my friend Grandmere Mimi.

BTW- you must go read this post... It is something I would love to know your opinion about.

Words failed me when I left a comment there.