Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bye (for now?)

I have not been doing a good job of doing the blogging thing lately, so I am putting this blog into semi-retirement. Maybe I will come back in a day, a week or a year, but for now I will not be blogging. I guess this blog has served its purpose, it was meant as a way for me to speak my thoughts to the world when I was living alone. Now that I am living with someone else, most of what I would post here, I just talk to my better half about. I will see y'all around as I will continue to read you and try to comment when I have something to say.


Mathman6293 said...

See you on the tubes laters.

GourmetGoddess said...

We can always record and transcribe ... heh

FranIAm said...

Well there is facebook and email... I will want to know how you guys are doing from time to time.

There are many people who are such gifts here in the blogworld, but you are the only one I have called my Yid kid brother!

I am very happy that you and GG are together and doing so well.

Tengrain said...

Awwwwww - Just let us know how you are now and again. And Logan, too. You're like the kid brother I never had.

Much love on ya and GG: I'm so happy for you both.



Mauigirl said...

So sorry you're de-blogging, Boxer, but will see you on Facebook. Best wishes to you both! And maybe you'll be back sooner than you think...sometimes the blog bug can't be vanquished!

Lisa said...

Assuming you'll keep in touch. Right?

Little Merry Sunshine said...


Okay, now that I've got that off my chest . . .

If taking a sabbatical from blogging makes you happy, then I'm happy for you. And clearly blogging served a wonderful purpose for you . . . how else would you have met and fallen in love with the wonderfully exquisite Gourmet Goddess???

I'll keep checking in to see if you've written anything because I enjoy your perspective on the world and even if I don't agree with you (I usually do agree with you), you always make me think. Many times, you say what I'm thinking, but in a more eloquent way than I'd say it.

I guess to sum up what I'm trying to say, your voice will be missed. So don't stay silent too long.

At least we'll always have Facebook.