Monday, March 2, 2009


I was going to write about this article on ESPN about a female high school basketball player who is not going to the big McDonalds All-American Game because either the principal of her high school or her father have said that this would require too much time away from her academics. I was going to say how I applaud whoever made the decision that academics is more important that athletics and that I think it is stupid that a basketball game for high school students is being played while school is in session. Shouldn't we encourage these players to be in school and not take a whole week off of school just for a basketball game? I like basketball and all, but academics should come first. I was going to talk about that, but then I saw this clip that Betsy over at Mock, Paper, Scissors put up and I had to put it up here because apparently hearing Obama talk is like sex to some Republican analysts. And I think that we all should think on that for a minute, Obama=sex.

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