Sunday, March 8, 2009

Library Ninjas

I am really annoyed with people lately. I have been trying to get a copy of The Watchmen graphic novel and all of the copies are checked out of the local library. There are four copies of the novel in the libraries card catalog, one was due back in October, one was due back a week ago, and two are due back over the next two weeks. Now I have no problem with those who have the book out for the next few weeks, but those who have it out late annoy me. I have a hold on the book and it is only right that if someone has a hold you return the book. I am sorry if you didn't get to finish the book, but dammit I want to read it and I did the right thing and put a hold on the book. So, here is what I am proposing: a specially trained small cadre of library ninjas who would seek out and get back overdue books. They could go out when the library is closed and get back overdue books. I know they have a fine system in place, but obviously it is not work as well as it should as people do not care about returning a library book, they will just keep it instead as is demonstrated by the person who is now 4 months overdue. I think the library ninja idea is a much better one. I know there are breaking and entering laws and such, but really isn't an overdue library book is much more important? Ok so maybe breaking and entering is not a better way of handling things, but I am still annoyed that people are keeping this book and any book for more than a few days overdue. I know I get annoyed when I have a book and am not finished with it and there is a hold on the book so I cannot renew it, but that is the price for "renting" a book. You have to return it so that others may enjoy the same book. Damn people who keep the books overlate. BTW the whole library ninjas was not my idea, I saw it on a cartoon called Jacob Two-Two which is a cute, smart cartoon I could find sometimes in NC which was made in Canada and is based upon a series of books by Mordecai Richler. I found the episode online and so if you have like 25 minutes and want to see it, here goes otherwise don't.

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Tengrain said...

Now that's a career I would enjoy!

(I've had a hold on a book for over a year; I don't think it's coming back, evah!)