Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What has the world come to..

...attacking mascots is very, very wrong. This man attacked Chuck E. Cheese. Yes, he attacked a man who was dressed up as the mouse that is the symbol for Chuck E. Cheese. Trahan Pires said he attacked the mouse because he thought the mascot pinned his child against a video game. Hmmmmm lets see violence is not really the solution to this problem. What are you teaching your child about good ways in which to solve conflict? And furthermore what the hell where the other children thinking when they saw the mascot's head ripped off and someone attacking Chuck E. Cheese?

Then there is this man who thought it would be funny to hit the McGruff, the crime dog mascot. McGruff was on the streets of Washington, DC handing out fliers to kids, when Shawn Brim pulled his bus over and got out and hit McGruff in the head. He later said he thought it would be funny to hit the mascot. Ummmmmm...yeah...so violence is funny now. I think not. Plus idiot-boy, McGruff is a mascot that the police generally use, there was a policeman in that uniform. Not exactly your brightest moment attacking a police officer, in a costume, but still...

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FranIAm said...

The descent of society - hitting people dressed as other things.

Oy. My head hurts.