Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jon Stewart is at it again

I was going to post this video in which Jon Stewart calls out all of the asshats over at CNBC especially Rick Santelli about their "business" reporting. As Stewart shows they are merely shills for the corporate world with no actual care for the non-millionaires in the world. And then I read my RSS feed and saw that Little Mary Sunshine and Betsy over at Mock, Paper, Scissors. But then I decided, ahh fuck it, I am posting it anyway. It is too good not to post and really what does it hurt for one more person to post it to their blog, maybe more people will see it then. Although I do have to say that I saw the clip initially in a Chicago Sun-Times article with the title, Jon Stewart attacks Rick Santelli in a Daily show rant. Stewart not really ranting, IMHO, more like pointing out the inadequacies of CNBC which he does and does well with most any network or person who makes themselves into a flaming idiot. So enjoy if you have not seen this already.

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Little Merry Sunshine said...

Hey Boxer!

Thanks for the shout out on your blog today!

I saw the "rant" live last night on The Daily Show and agree with you that it wasn't so much a rant as it was a recapping of the facts. The good folks over at CNBC have been dead wrong.

Tonight, as I type this, Jim Cramer happens to be on Colbert and Colbert is running this video of cute puppies and kittens behind Jim Cramer. It's really weird. He keeps throwing Cramer off his game.