Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fried Bacon

Sir Robin has this video up about a man who sells fried bacon at his restaurant. I needed to share with everyone else.

Now this ties in with this post where I talk about the fact that you should eat what you like in moderation and not worry about what others say. Well, I guess people take this too literally and this man is making chicken fried bacon. And I have to say that two orders of fried bacon with cream gravy is not a meal, it is just s heart attack waiting to happen. I do love fried okra, fried fish and even fried chicken sometimes, but there are somethings that should not be fried. In addition, I am not sure twinkies, coke, snicker bars, or oreos should be fried either, although I have been told that each and every one of those things are good fried.


Mathman6293 said...


Can you tell me what the hell okra really is and why did only find out about this stuff when I moved to Georgia. I am thinking conspiracy.

Distributorcap said...

the only thing i would like to see fried is a certain person......

TheCunningRunt said...

Mathman, I'm a Northerner with no use for (or experience of ) okra...
Until recently. Now I put it in soups and such, as a green vegetable/thickening agent. It's great like that. It's slimy as fuck boiled or steamed, but I hear it's excellent fried. (like everything regional, it helps to know how the locals do it.)

As for bacon, I bought some recently on a whim (I'm like that, despite being an overall food Nazi) and used it to start a batch of homefries. They were really, really excellent, though I suspect if I did that often I would be graveward-bound.

Everything in moderation, indeed!

FranIAm said...

As my friend Stacey says "bacon makes everything better."

Exceptin' fer maybe yer ticker!

But every now and then.

However, this wacky world o' fried everything. Yeech!

Moderation is the key though isn't it.

I must remember that later today!

Boxer rebel said...

Math-remember I am not a native southerner, but as far as I figure okra is a green vegetable that is good fried. CR also mentioned that okra is good in soup and stews and it is a good as a thickening agent. I just know I like it fried.

Dcap- I am with you on frying someone, but I would actually want two people fried.

I have nothing against bacon other than I don't cook or eat it at home, but I will get it out at a restaurant. It is more the thought of fried bacon that kind of makes me skeezy.

GourmetGoddess said...

okra is also good pickled