Friday, November 2, 2007

YouTube Friday (sort of)

This YouTube Friday is using clips of some people whose blogs I love, BAC and Comrade Kevin.

First up, CK. Not only is he a great blogger on politics and current issues, but he is a great musician as well. Also go check him out here as he is going through a bit of a rough stretch and needs as support as he can get.

Everybody Wants You as covered by Comrade Kevin

Crippled inside covered by Comrade Kevin which he dedicates to out illustrious pResident W.

I have to add this one becasue he just added it and I really like the way he plays with the camera in this one. Oh and the song rocks as well, Why don't we do it in the road?

Now on to the genius BAC who has created two great videos for the First couple, chimpy and pickes.

First, Pickles

Now for Chimpy


FranIAm said...

Although I have already seen these - and even posted Kevin singing to GWB myself, I must say that by putting them all together, you do the blogworld a service!

A great service!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant compilation of things which need to be said.

And now they've been said, all together.

Nice work, and a high-point of my day!