Friday, November 16, 2007

I love books

The county public libraries had a book sale. How awesome and I got 15 books for $33. It was overwhelming to try and look through all of the books, but I did find things, obviously, which rocks. The funniest and probably best thing I saw there was in the non-fiction general area, Lies and the Big Fat Liars who Tell Them by Al Franken right next a book by Ann Coulter. This made me laugh quiet hard. After the sale is over, they shred and recycle all of the leftover books, I hope Coulter is shredded. I also saw a lot of Nicholas Sparks books, Clan of the Cave Bear several times and many other books that I recognize as being the book of the week or Oprah Book Club books, but apparently are not being read as much any more as the library is trying to get rid of at least some of their copies. It was a good night.


Distributorcap said...

shredding ann coulter's book is not enough....... i am surprised she didnt say that the library should be destroyed for putting her book next to Franken's

FranIAm said...

Ann's books deserve their very own Farhenheit 451 night.