Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The 'puter is cussing at me

So yesterday I was writing an email to a friend and I had misspelled the words fuck and bullshit. The little squiggly line was there to show me I had misspelled them, so I clicked on it and to my great surprise and enjoyment, the words were there and spelled correctly. They weren't even mixed in with other words that might be spelled the same, it was as though the 'puter knew what I wanted to say and knew that I needed to use these very special words to really express my thoughts. It is 'bout fecking time the computer will cuss at me.

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GourmetGoddess said...

I have always found it totally funny that the Great God SpellCheck knows the work "fuckers" but not the word "funders." In my line of work, I have to watch that carefully, as I use "funders" a lot, and the insertion of the other would wreck havoc. Almost as bad as a proposal that was nearly sent by a faculty member who spent three pages writing about pubic memory rather than public memory. He didn't think he need an interloper (me) to look over his work before sending it. I insisted and thank goodness! The NEH would not have been amused.