Monday, July 2, 2007

Dog owners

I had this whole other post I was going to make until i got home. I got back from walking my dog, a boxer of course, and the women who lives in the apartment beside mine had her dog out, a small dog, not sure of the breed and not on a leash. Anyway, so Logan perks his ears up and starts to pull a bit on the leash. I restrain him and tell him no, he is still a bit perked up but has calmed down and is heading to the door to go in. Well my neighbor's dog begins to charge at Logan and me and so she heads her dog off and slowly chases her dog away from the door. As I am entering my apartment, she gives me this dirty look, like aren't you in yet and your dog is such an annoyance. Now, I hope I was misinterpreting her look and that she was annoyed at something else, but still that is how I saw it. So this got me thinking how owners of small dogs tend to be very protective of their dogs and how somehow my dog who is bigger will I guess eat or somehow harm their dog. Anyway, he is just curious and has actually been nipped by several smaller dogs because he was being too friendly and sniffed the smaller dog. I started to think how all small dog owners are annoying and that bigger dogs are so much better and then I realized how untrue that is. I know plenty of people who have small dogs and are great owners and who correct their dogs. I also know plenty of people with big dogs who let their dogs run free and have no control over them. So basically I am annoyed at people who are not responsible dog owners and do not know how to control their dogs and so give those of us who do try to control our dogs a bad name. That was a bit of a rambling post, but still... if you have a dog know how to control it whether it is big or little and please please please clean up its poop when you are out.

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