Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I had to work today, yes it is the Fourth, but I had a training on diversity that I had to go through for my new job. I found out that I have a new pet peeve. As I was sitting in the training, the trainers ha to read much of what the training was about as we had to be said word for word what was written. First, I hate this, I can read if that is how a training has to go just give me the materials and I will read them myself, I do not need someone to read to me. But also the trainers mispronounced a few words and that annoyed me for some reason. The words were not even that uncommon, well, one was paradigm which was pronounced para-dim rather than para-dime which maybe i can understand but the other word was subtle pronounced sub-til. Yes the person pronounced the "b" in subtle. This just kind of annoyed me. Anyway, I guess that is want I get for liking to read and hence knowing the pronunciations of words that I read.

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TheCunningRunt said...

I'm with you on the annoyance factor. I recently heard that "nu'-cu-ler" was added to the new edition of Websters as an accepted alternate pronunciation of "nuclear." No doubt to accommodate the painful vocal stylings of our Moron In Chief!

This is right up there with the "lithp" introduced into "Cathtillian Thpanish" in order not to offend their King-du-Jour, who was evidently quite sensitive about his lisp! :lol: